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My Favorite Images From 2019

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Here is a look back at 2019 and a look forward to the new year.

2019 was a year in transition for me as far as photography, I started going back to my roots of shooting B&W images. Back when I was 15 and first discovered photography as a passion, three years in a high school darkroom inspired and wowed me at the same time. The magic of an image coming to life in a tray was pure magic.

Hadzabe Bushman and his dog

Hadzabe Bushman and his dog

This is one of my favorite images from my trip to Tanzania in November. We had just got back from a hunt with the Hadzabe and now it was time to relax. His smile and the loyal dog always at his side, made for a nice shot.

Randy Hansen By Terry Divyak

Randy Hansen

If you look through my portfolio you will see a lot of photos of Randy Hansen. He is the world-leading Jimi Hendrix tribute artist endorsed by the Hendrix family. He plays with a high energy level at all times, but there was something about this shot that I really liked. The coiled cord, the light on his back and his relaxed stance.

Works in Tanzania

Workers at Onion Storage Facility in Tanzania

Near Lake Eyasi where we visit the Hadzabe tribe, there was a storage facility for red onions that our guide Sadi suggested we stop at. We were told, no tourists ever stop there and the workers were happy to greet us and interact. For most of our visit, they were laughing and joking, but for a quick moment I asked if I could get an informal group shot and they were more than happy to do that.


Olaf has always been my buddy since my friend Tracy first brought him home. I’m Uncle Terry to him and always look forward to dog sitting and taking him on little adventures. He’s probably the hardest model to work with, however. Olaf never stands still and I found this location on the beach at Deception Pass State Park and thought it was a perfect framing with the rocks, background and grass. We went back and forth, up and down the rocks, about ten times. Most the time his head would be down, then he looked up for a split second and I hit the shutter. Luckily it was in focus and exposed well.

Maasai Wife

In Tanzania, we always visit a Maasai village and this year I was focused on taking portraits of the people I was meeting on this trip. This is my favorite from that trip and the image in B&W below is another favorite.

Maasai Lady in Tanzania

Maasai Wife in Tanzania

Berenice at Laguna Beach


Berenice and I took a trip to California to visit her family and have a few days in Disneyland. I thought it would be great to head to the beach one day and we got a pretty late start and had about an hour until sunset. She quickly threw on her suite and I told her just to play in the surf and I would do the rest. She was a total natural and this took me back to the days of shooting models in Mexico on the beaches.

Bikini Model Berenice at Sunset

Berenice at Sunset

Another shot of Berenice just as the day was ending at Laguna Beach.

Lion in Serengeti

Tanzania has had a special place in my heart and this year was my sixth trip to this wonderful country. Though I took many great images of wildlife there, this pose of a male lion is probably my favorite.

As 2019 comes to a close I look forward to 2020 and ‘focusing’ on my photography even more.

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