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A World of Bikinis

For a number of years I had the opportunity to shoot swimwear for portfolio development and in some competitions I competed in with Ujena Swimwear. These competitions were always held in Mexico, including Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun and they were a lot of fun. I stumbled upon some images I shot the last time I was down in Cabo in 2008 and thought I’d share these.

My absolute favorite time shooting was when these 5 ladies from Guadalajara, Mexico and I, ran down to the beach to shoot during the sunset. I still keep in touch with a few of these fun ladies on Facebook and it’s great to see them as their lives unfold, getting married and having children. Funny how life changes like that… but for now take walk down a fun memory for me.

This was towards the end of the shoot as the sun was setting on the Cabo beach, but even then, they were still happy and having a great time. But let's rewind a little bit at the start of the shoot and how it all came together.

Pati on the steps in San Jose del Cabo
Pati on the steps in San Jose del Cabo

We had been shooting for about three days by this time, driving up to Todos Santos and San Jose del Cabo to get some great fashion shots and a few bikini shots with some interesting backgrounds. If memory serves me correctly, there were about 30 models during this time, but my favorites to work with were these five ladies.

Pati in Todos Santos
Pati in Todos Santos

Model in Todos Santos by old door
I loved shooting around the old doors

Model Caro in Todos Santos
Caro was truly a professional and it was hard to get a bad photo of her.

Model Pati in Todos Santos
Pati had steely eyes when she wanted and it probably didnt help that she was blinded by the sun in this shot, but was always a professional

Model Caro in Todos Santos
We found a building that was still being built and I really love how this photo of Caro came out.
Musician in town square in San Jose del Cabo
The girls were goofing with a musician in the town square in San Jose del Cabo.

In Todos Santos we were shooting near and around the Hotel California. There were some wonderful buildings and courtyards to shoot in.

In working with bikini models, you have to be pretty quick to shoot as there are lots of changes going on throughout the day with different styles and colors, so you also have to be on the lookout for different backgrounds to compliment the shots. Shots below are some of the images I was able to pull out from those first few days with these and other models.

Bikini model in red
I forget this models name but she was fun to work with and high energy

Far and away my top photo from seven years of shooting models in bikinis is this photo of Edna. It was midday sun and not the easiest to shoot in but I asked her to run down the beach again and again. I think it took about 15 tries to get a shot I was happy with and I knew this was the one when I saw it on my camera. I love the water droplets stopping, her hand placement, her hair to the side and a natural smile and eyes focused on me getting the image.

bikini model Kani shooting near a building in San Jose del Cabo
Kani near a building in San Jose del Cabo

black bikini model
Kae Kae was great and I really enjoyed working with her

Martha Gonzales was one of the top bikini models
Martha Gonzales was one of the top bikini models

Bikini model Caro
Caro looked great in every bikini she wore

At the end of our time in Todos Santos, we had quite a gathering of locals who were enjoying watching us work. I'm not sure if it still is but at that time is was dirt roads for the most part.

As we were getting ready to leave a group of boys showed up and asked for the girls autographs and I'm certain this made everyone's day and we off back to the hotel in Cabo.

The next day were were finishing up and getting lots of changes and photos and I asked the group of five if they would meet me down at the beach before heading off to a dinner we had later that evening. I wanted to get them together for one last shoot together before our last day of shooting was over.

They quickly changed and met me down at the beach and I had them hop up on top of these Wave Runners before we heading to the beach.

I always have a large bag of costume jewelry so I had them throw on bracelets and necklaces to compliment the suits they were wearing. For the next 45 minutes or so, we had a blast shooting.

Our good friend Danny Kosh was filming the whole thing for Ujena TV. I still need to reach out and see if there is any footage I can see from that day.

At one point I asked Pati to lay down in the water and all of the sudden a huge wave came up and drenched her.

It wasn't long before she got back into her modeling mode and I think the wet hair helped me create some better photos of her.

Soon they were all in the water and having a great time, but it was getting close to wrap things up as the sun was getting close to setting and the girls had to go shower and get ready for dinner.

But not before we took a few more pictures to remember the day by.

I even jumped in front of the camera as Danny took a photo of me and you can see I wasn't afraid of getting wet either and had the biggest smile and had a great time also.

Finally, all things come to an end, but I'll always remember Pati, Caro, Yamile, Edna and Kani, five beautiful models from Guadalajara, Mexico.

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