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I discovered photography while in my teens and it has become a lifelong passion for me. I teach it as a business and in my spare time I combine my love of photography with my love of travel.


People are as important as the Places

Wherever I travel I always want to meet the people that create the rhythm and the heart of a city

Travel has always been at the top of my list for life goals. Perhaps it was ingrained in me by my Mom when we flew to England to live for a year when I was only 4 years old. I still remember the excitement of taxiing on the runway with the blue lights lit up at night, before we left New York.

Today, I still get excited as to what experiences my travels will lead me to.


each day is an experience of a lifetime

When I first thought of the idea of creating and sharing a safari to Tanzania, foremost in my mind was to make sure we had the best cultural experiences. Each year when I first started out, we added more and more of those experiences to our list.

Today with my partners in Tanzania and dedicated guides that understand the experiences I want to share, we have created one of the best itineraries for seeing not only wildlife but also to visit vanishing cultures.

Check out my Tanzania gallery linked below and book your next adventure through my company, Shutter Tours.

"Photography has opened many doors for me

I use it to find the extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place"

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